How Autonomy Works

Secure and Reliable

We know that our customers demand the best reliability and security for their mission-critical infrastructure. Autonomy is designed to meet this need with robust hardware and cybersecurity solutions. Autonomy uses redundant SCADA servers and secure off-site back-ups to ensure customer’s systems keep running and never lose data. Our remote site mobile solutions employ RedLion Radio systems with the option of multiple carrier modems for added redundancy. For security, Autonomy utilizes Virtual Private Networking (VPN), The Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), and meets NIST 800-53 standards. Autonomy’s systems are continually audited by a third-party security agency for additional protection.

How it Works:


The Autonomy engineers will work with the facility manager to determine the number of I/O tags that need to be monitored and the number of sites in the system. Engineers then design and program the system to the owner’s specifications.


Cellular modems and antennas are installed at all the facility locations if needed and connected through a Virtual Private Network to the Autonomy Server.


An Autonomy user interface is designed and programmed for the specific I/O needs of the customer’s needs and is loaded into the Autonomy server.


User data is collected and device specific security certificates and passwords are generated. After which the VT SCADA software is installed on user devices.


Autonomy Engineers and technicians train the facility staff on how to use the VT SCADA software, VPNs and basic troubleshooting.

Then the system is ready for operation!

Autonomy Remote SCADA Server

AUTONOMY Network Drawing_color

Reporting and Data Management

Autonomy offers users access to real-time reporting and historical data that be customized to show what is most critical to their operation, and exported as separate reports and data files.

Generate Reports

Review Historical Data

Observe Operational Trends

Conveniently Export Data

View Alarms and Alarm History

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